Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS)

“Good News! BSNL offers Satellite Phone Service to General Public and Private Enterprises also.”

BSNL launched its Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS) in India on 24.05.2017, initially for Government organizations only. Now BSNL has opened the GSPS service to the General Public and Private Enterprises also with effect from 1st January, 2018. In order to avail the GSPS service, it is required to register by filling the Consumer Acquisition Form (CAF) form and depositing a sum of Rs 1180/- (inclusive of taxes) as registration money. You can download the CAF form for GSPS service from our website Click here to download.

The registration money can be deposited either by Demand draft of Rs 1180/- in favor of AO (Cash), BSNL Ghaziabad, payable at Ghaziabad or directly in BSNL A/C through by RTGS or NEFT as per details below:

Beneficiary Name           :  AO (Cash)
Account No                     :  0674002190408131
Branch IFSC Code          :  PUNB0067400

Completely filled application form (CAF) along with the Demand Draft/Proof of Payment of registration money can be submitted to GM (Inmarsat), Satellite Building, ALTTC,BSNL, Ghaziabad or scanned application form and payment details can be emailed to any one of the below mentioned email ids

E-Mail                  :,
Note: Please note that this is for registration only. Connection will be provided only after proper verification of documents and at sole discretion of BSNL.

BSNL’s GSPS also called satellite phone service, provides voice communication and messaging from any part of the globe. However, presently, the services will be available within India only. It is a ubiquitous service, hence can be used from all part of the country including territorial water. It is being provided through world’s most advanced satellite communications network working on Inmarsat I-4 F2 satellite located at 63.90 degree East

It is suitable for persons working in remote areas or disaster affected areas – defence, border security organizations, disaster management bodies, trekkers, fishermen, maritime applications.

This phone keeps track of its position – latitude & longitude – and is ideal for emergencies. In emergencies, it can report its position automatically to concerned agencies. It has many apps to ensure safety of the users.

  • BSNL’s GSPS system provides telecommunication services to predominately mobile users through an enhanced GMR-2 air interface (GMR-2+) over the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellite like Telephony Voice, Supplementary services, Circuit switched Data/Fax services (for specific applications), SMS point-to-point, SMS-to- E-mail, E-mail-to- SMS.
  • The use of latest technology gives excellent voice quality in worst weather conditions.
  • The coverage is accessible to GSPS users at or above 20 degree antenna elevation angle.
  • The GSPS system is intended to provide a modernized, resource efficient and extensible platform for long term support of telecommunication services optimized for the characteristics of the I-4 satellite.
  • The GSPS system supports Satellite Phone Services served by a single Network Control Center-Gateway (NCC-GW) located at Ghaziabad.

The Phone, ISAT Phone2, comes with a warranty of one year. For any support during warranty period or AMC after one year, customer can contact one of the Franchisees from the following list

The contact details of Franchisee is given below in alphabatical order:


Company  Name & contact details

Company Address


 Elcome Integrated Systems Private Limited Primary Point of Contact: Sh. Kushal Dang 
Contact Details:
Tel: +91 22 23484518, +91 22 23484523
       +91 11 26171274
Cell: + 91 9821521104,

 G-3, Arihant Building
Ahemadabad Street,
Carnac Bunder,



  Elektronik Labs
Primary Point of Contact: Sh. Nanda Kumar
Contact Details:
Tel: +91 44 2433 6953
Cell: + 91 7338729681, +91 7397283498
        + 91 7338777992 

 Elektronik Labs,
10A,  Masilamani Street
Chennai 600 017

3.   Madhuraj Enterprises
Primary Contact: Mr. R. D. Wagh
Contact Details:
Tel: +91 22 25422844, +91 20 46303133
Cell: + 91 9422022077,
Madhuraj Enterprises
B9, Devkrupa
Ananda Park, Thane(W)


  Northern Lights Secure Comm,
Primary Point of Contact: Raja Sharma
Contact Details:
Tel: +91 11 4103 1600

 Northern Lights Secure Comm
321 Ansal Tower,
38 Nehru Place,
New Delhi- 110019,


  Station Sat-Com
Primary Point of Contact:
Sh. Anshul Khanna, Managing Director
Contact Details: Tel: +912226471841,
Cell: +919821163385, 7045912857

 Station Satcom Pvt. Ltd,
801, Madhava, Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai 400051


  Tile marine
Primary Point of Contact: Sh.  Abdul Kalam
Contact Details:
Tel: +91 4846401799
Cell: + 91 9746301799

 Tile Marine
Building No. XVIII/477-A,
Near Mini Muthoot Finance
INTUC Road, Nettoor,
Kerala- 682040


  Virtuoso Technologies (India) Private Limited
Primary Point of Contact:  Ms. Vibha Mishra
Contact Details:
Tel: +91
Cell: + 91 9711580001

Virtuoso Technologies (India) Private Limited
203, Shree Ganesh Complex
32 B, Veer Savarkar BlockShakarpur,

In Phase-I, the services are available only to Government Agencies.  For obtaining the services, the following procedure has been prescribed:

  1. A  Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) will be required to be filled by the customer duly signed by authorised Signatory along with the certificate of authorization. Supporting documents needs to be enclosed with the CAF as required. CAF is available in the Website of BSNL.
  2. The existing users of satellite phone having IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone2 terminals having valid operating license and permission from MHA, will be provided BSNL’s SIM card and same can be used in existing handsets.
  3. Mini-M users having valid operating license and permission of MHA will be provided GSPS Handsets and BSNL’s SIM card.
  4. As per DoT instruction, no in-roaming/out roaming facility (out of country) will be provided to the user initially.
  5. Instruction issued from DoT for bulk users are to be followed strictly.
  6. It is advisable for the customer to choose a franchisee empaneled by BSNL for after sale technical support and annual maintenance. The list of franchisee is given in alphabetical order
  7. Users are requested to contact BSNL Executive at Customer Care Node (CCN) located at Advance Level Telecom Training Centre (ALTTC), Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-201001. The contact details of CCN are given below:-

Phone                  :  0120-2755380,  0120-2755879
Call Centre          :  1800-425-1957.
E-Mail                  :,
In case of any further query, you can contact Sh. V. K. Chopra, Consultant Inmarsat (91 9868245400), and Sh. D. N. Sahay, General Manager (Inmarsat) (91 9412739215).

a) Registration Charges: Rs. 1000/- per connection
b) Activation Charges: Rs. 500/- per connection

c) Prepaid Plans for Govt. Users:

Plan Name

Mandatory Charges

Free Calls worth Rs.

Plan G1

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 315 per month

Plan GA

Rs. 11,000/-

Rs. 330 (per month)/
Rs. 3960 (per annum)

Call Charges:

  1. Outgoing Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS    (Monthly/Annual)            : Rs 45/40 per 60 Sec.
  2. Incoming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS (Monthly/annual)            : Rs. 45/40 per 60 Sec.
  3. Outgoing International/Roaming Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS         : Rs. 260 per 60 Sec.
  4. Incoming International/Roaming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS     : Rs. 260 per 60 Sec.
  5. SMS Charges( Local)                                                                 : Rs 35 per SMS
  6. SMS Charges(International)                                                        : Rs 260 per SMS

Prepaid annual ‘Plan-GA’ (Govt. User): The total talk value available in annual plan ‘Plan GA’ & is mentioned as Rs. 330 per month/ Rs 3960 per annum. The talk value can be utilized by customer during 12 calendar months in any fashion without any monthly limit. Thus there shall not be any monthly limit applicable.

d) Prepaid Plans for Commercial Users/Private Users:

Plan Name

Mandatory Charges

Free Calls worth Rs.

Plan C1

Rs. 2000/-

Rs. 1320 per month

Plan CA

Rs. 22,000/-

Rs. 1320 (per month)/
Rs. 15840 (per annum)

Call Charges:

  1. Outgoing Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS    (Monthly/Annual)              : Rs 60/55 per 60 Sec.
  2. Incoming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS (Monthly/annual)              : Rs. 60/55 per 60 Sec.
  3. Outgoing International/Roaming Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS           : Rs. 260 per 60 Sec.
  4. Incoming International/Roaming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS       : Rs. 260 per 60 Sec.
  5. SMS Charges( Local)                                                                   : Rs 60/55 per SMS
  6. SMS Charges(International)                                                          : Rs 260 per SMS
e) Post-Paid Plan for Govt. Users

Plan Name

Security charges(in Rs.)

Fixed Monthly Charges/Rental (in Rs.)

Free Calls worth Rs.

National International (ISD) International Roaming

Plan G1




315 per month

Plan G3


 5000  10000


4270 (per month)

Call Charges:

  1. Outgoing calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS                                           : Rs.  45 per 60 Sec.
  2. Incoming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS                                       : Rs. 45 per 60 Sec.
  3. Outgoing International/Roaming Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS      : Rs. 265 per 60 Sec.
  4. Incoming International/Roaming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS      : Rs. 265 per 60 Sec.
  5. SMS Charges (Local)                                                                  : Rs. 35 per SMS
  6. SMS Charges(International)                                                         : Rs. 265 per SMS

f) Cost of Handset :

The cost of 1 (one) handset is Rs 70000/- + GST (28%) and it is exclusive of WPC charges. The WPC charges are Rs 14250/- per annum per handset and are to be paid in advance annually. HSN-85256092.

Note 1:  All the taxes including GST , spectrum charges, license fee etc. and other charges     if any, will be charged extra as applicable.
Note 2: The tariffs are subject to change from time to time.
Note 3: Customer Acquisition Form Click here to download.
Note 4: all entities other than Central government and State Government organization, are categorized as Commercial entity and commercial tariff shall be applicable for such organization.
Note 5: The user has to make a request in writing for activating ISD/Roaming call facility. The user has to furnish a valid purpose for getting ISD and roaming facility.Further gudelines for allowing ISD to customers may be taken from RP Cell,BSNL CO New Delhi.

g) Documents required to be submitted along with Application

1. Duly Filled CAF along with required documents.
2. Copy of Valid Operating License(for existing users of Mini-M, IsatPhone etc.)
3. Photo ID Proof
4. Address Proof
5. Authorization Letter from Head of Office
6. In case of bulk customer, letter of Authorized signatory along with List of officers with the following details:



Designation & Address

 Place of Use with Lat/Long
Purpose of Use IMEI no. of terminal/terminals (for existing GSPS users)

h) Redressal of Complaints for BSNL's Satellite Phone service:

For any kind of complaints related to Satellite Phone Service of BSNL, send an email to: mentioning Phone No., IMEI no. of satellite Phone, address/Lat-Long of the location where problem is faced and detail of problem/complaint.

ISAT Phone-2 will be supplied by BSNL to customers on first come first serve basis. The details of handset are given below:
Image result for ISAT Phone 2 ISAT Phone-2:

  • Size 169x52x29 mm (without antenna) or 169x75x36 (with antenna)
  • Weight: 318 g (including Battery)
  • Internal speaker with high voice quality.
  • Integrated fold-out GMR2+ antenna and internal GPS and Bluetooth antenna.
  • High resolution 55 mm (2.2 inch) color LCD display
  • Removable Long Life Battery: 51x84x13.5 mm
  • Talk time upto 8 Hrs
  • Standby time: upto 100 Hrs-based on network configuration.
  • Telephony Services: Voice and circuit switch data.
  • Short Messages Services (SMS-PP)
  • Voice mail Services.
  • SMS-to-Email
  • GPS Location Data.
  • Multiple languaguages MMI (8)
  • Ports provided to external GMR2+ and GPS antenna
  • Bluetooth v2.0 class supported for wireless hands free voice operation (headset and hands free profiles)
  • 2.5 mm pole audio connector for wired hands free voice operation.
  • Micro USB Port for data/Fax services and battery charging.
  • Wall charger
  • Rugged design
  • Assistance button and GPS Tracking
  • Incoming call alerts even with antenna stowed

Image result for ISAT Phone 2 Package contents

  • Phone
  •  Battery
  • USB drive
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty
  • Mains charger and four universal plug adaptors
  • Car charger
  • Micro USB cable
  • Wired handsfree headset
  • Wrist strap
  • Holster



Inserting and removing the battery
Your phone is supplied with a rechargeable battery, which may not be fully charged when you take it out of the box. Always switch the device off and disconnect the charger before removing the battery.

  • Remove the battery by pressing the catch and lifting the battery up and out of the phone







  •  Insert the battery by pressing the battery forward and down. It will click into place


Inserting the SIM card

  • If the battery is in place, lift it out Slide the catch down on the SIM holder and flip it outwards Make sure the angled corner of your SIM card is on your left and slide it into the holder Flip the holder back into place and slide the catch back up Insert the battery



Connecting to the satellite
Your IsatPhone makes and receives calls by communicating with Inmarsat satellites in orbit above the equator. Your phone antenna must b e deployed and there must be a clear line of sight to an Inmarsat satellite for you to make and receive calls
Switch your phone on, hold down the red key for a few seconds until the screen lights up. The Inmarsat logo will appear followed by the main screen.
Stand outside with a clear view of the sky with the phone antenna pointing upwards. There must be a clear line of sight between the phone’s antenna and the satellite.

The more sky you can see the stronger the signal should be from the satellite. If open sky makes up about 70% of your view when you look up, then the signal should be strong.

Searching satellite will appear on the screen. When your phone is connected to the satellite, the screen will display Ready for service. The top left of the screen will display Inmarsat.
The signal bars indicate the signal strength. At least two signal bars are required to make and receive calls.

If the received signal strength falls during a call, as shown by the signal strength indicator, ensure that the antenna is pointed towards the satellite and there are no obstacles between you and the sky. The eCompass is displayed to indicate the direction in which the antenna should be maintained. When you return the handset to your ear, ensure that you keep it pointed in the direction of the satellite.
Before you can make a call, your phone needs a GPS fix so it can be located by the satellite. This happens automatically but if a new GPS fix is needed, the GPS fix icon will be displayed. Keep the phone in the open with a clear view of the sky until the icon disappears. Your phone is now ready to make and receive calls.







On rare occasions, your phone may continue to show the GPS fix required icon, which means that a new GPS fix is needed in order for your phone to connect to the network. If this occurs, select Menu > GPS position. The new GPS fix is displayed. When this screen is open, your phone will attempt to refresh the GPS fix every 30 seconds.


 Recharge can be purchased from any outlet where BSNL mobile recharge/topup is available.

Covergae Area

The service covers the entire geographical area of India including the EEZ with restrictions in certain areas as per guidelines of Government of India.

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